The 5 Advantages of Running an Isuzu Truck

There are many advantages to running an Isuzu truck. We have always cared about our customers and the success of their businesses, and understand that a company’s success or failure can depend upon the efficiency of its vehicles.

This is why we have developed our award-winning customer care programme, a unique and comprehensive customer service programme designed around the challenges our customers face.

Alongside our customer care programme, there are a number of other important benefits associated with running an Isuzu truck. We’ve compiled them here to help you compare and contrast our vehicles with those of our competitors:

1. Payload

All of the trucks in our range are designed and engineered for maximum payload capacity, increasing the weight you can carry on each journey and reducing the total number of journeys you have to take.

2. Reliability

Innovative engineering makes our vehicles robust and reliable. They are designed to cope in some of the world’s most challenging environments and terrains, making them a good choice if you require a vehicle that can withstand prolonged use and punishment.

We are confident our trucks can stand up to whatever you need them for, so we offer 3 years’ unlimited mileage warranty as standard across our entire range, from 3.5 tonnes all the way up to 12 tonnes GVW.

3. Compact Footprint

The compact cab design of our vehicles makes them ideal for multi-drop delivery companies, as the cabs are lower to the ground and provide easier access for drivers and passengers. The shorter cab length also means our trucks have a tighter turning circle, which makes it much easier to manoeuvre them in and around housing estates and narrow country lanes that would otherwise be difficult to access.

4. Low Cost of Ownership

An Isuzu truck is a sound investment for your business. Not only are our vehicles competitively priced and available with a range of flexible finance options, you can bring your whole vehicle life cost down by agreeing a fixed-price repair and maintenance contract with our R&M team.

This allows you to plan and budget ahead by securing all necessary repairs, services, inspections and maintenance at a fixed price agreed directly with Isuzu Truck UK.

5. CARE Programme

When you buy an Isuzu truck you are automatically included in our award-winning customer CARE programme. As part of the programme you will be assigned a Customer Care Liaison Executive who will contact you at regular intervals to ensure you are happy with your truck(s) and the service you are receiving from us.

No other UK truck manufacturer offers such a comprehensive customer service programme.

“We are very proud of our award-winning customers CARE programme. We have built a culture throughout our business that ensures you can trust us to provide you with the right truck for your operation. And when it comes to parts and service, we promise to serve you promptly, courteously and professionally every time you need us.”
Pete Murphy, Managing Director, Isuzu Truck (UK) Ltd.

Getting the most out of your Isuzu fleet

All trucks in the Isuzu range offer many features that normally appear as ‘optional extras’ on other manufacturers’ vehicles as standard. These include; reinforced floor structure, door intrusion bars, noise suppression, driver and passenger SRS airbags, keyless remote-control door entry, central locking, RDS radio and CD player, electric windows and pre-tensioning seat belts.

We’re not ones for blowing our own trumpet, but we are passionate about what we do and the services we offer. All of our customers, both new and old, can rely on us to provide the best possible service to them and their Isuzu truck.

“I knew I needed a special vehicle, which could not only navigate round the site but also be capable of a lot of hard work on a construction site. Its turning circle is just brilliant. I researched lots of small trucks, some of which were actually based on adapted car designs and were completely unsuitable. I’d never bought a truck in my life and fortunately I was recommended to check out an Isuzu. I honestly can’t praise it enough, I love it!”
Anthony Collins, Isuzu 3.5t Grafter customer

A range of Isuzu truck vehicles belonging to fleet customer Enterprise Flex-E-Rent