First Isuzu Grafters for Man Coed – A Recommended Choice

Following a glowing recommendation about Isuzu Grafters from a subcontractor who also runs them, Welsh arb and grounds maintenance company Man Coed VM Ltd has recently taken delivery of its first Isuzu 3.5 tonne rigid trucks that are replacing five incumbent Ford Transit arb vehicles in the company’s 31-strong commercial vehicle fleet.

Five Isuzu Grafter N35.125 4×2 rigids, each fitted with specialist Brit Tip tipper arb bodies and cab mounted tool chests, have now gone into service at Deeside based Man Coed. Towing designated chipper trailers, the Isuzu Grafters are providing arboriculture services to customers within the North Wales and Deeside areas.

Each vehicle will cover approximately 15,000 miles per annum and all vehicles were supplied by local Isuzu Truck dealer Warrington Vehicle Centre.

“About 18 months ago, one of our subcontractors showed us around his latest Isuzu Grafter truck and we were really impressed by both the build quality and its overall performance. As we had five existing Ford Transit rigids coming to the end of their working life, we decided to contact Warrington Vehicle Centre who provided a demonstration Grafter for evaluation. The rest is history and we now have five new Isuzu Grafters on the road and working really well for us,“ said Tony Jones, finance director, Man Coed VM Ltd.

Located in Sandycroft, Flintshire, Man Coed offers specialised services in arboriculture, overhead power line engineering, grounds maintenance and facilities management, as well as technical support for the electrical supply industry. The Isuzu Grafters are working with highly skilled teams providing individually tailored arboriculture and ground maintenance services to a diverse array of organisations, from small landowners to local authorities and large utility operators.

“Arboriculture and grounds maintenance duties are ideal applications for the Isuzu Grafter range, where its payload and towing capability make it a superb practical tool for any company within these industries. Man Coed are a recent new convert to the Isuzu marque and we look forward to seeing the Isuzu Grafter in their fleet for many years to come,” said Richard Waterworth, head of sales, Isuzu Truck UK.