Isuzu Grafter Rises To The Challenge Of a Portable Toilet Business

Challenger Site Services started using Isuzu Grafters in its fleet two years ago, and since then the company has taken delivery of a total of ten 3.5 tonne Grafters, all of which are currently working as part of the business’s 26-strong fleet of delivery and collection service and tanker vehicles.

Over the last 12 months alone, Challenger Site Services has added seven Isuzu Grafters to its fleet and the Grafter intake will continue later this year when the business takes delivery of a further four more Grafters.

Supplied by ITUK dealer Ditchburn Truck Services, the three newest Grafters in the fleet, which are now in daily operation at Challenger, all feature the popular EasyShift automatic gearbox option; the first vehicles in the business’s Grafter fleet to do so.

Two of the trucks are Isuzu Grafter N35.125TA SWB chassis fitted with GK&N Services tanker bodies. The bespoke tanker bodies feature a single barrel with a dividing baffle that allows the body to hold either 1100 litres of waste, or 900 litres of freshwater, safely within the same body.

The third Isuzu Grafter delivered recently is a N35.125T LWB chassis fitted with a portable toilet transport body manufactured by Fosters Commercials, which is capable of carrying six individual portable toilet cubicles.

Challenger Site Services estimate that the Isuzu Grafters will have a five-year working life in their fleet, covering approximately 25,000 miles per annum.

“The trucks servicing our portable toilet division are worked really hard as we have over 1500 individual site visits to complete every week. We have found that the Isuzu Grafter is a more robust and solid truck, which is very reliable in service. The short wheelbase Grafter in particular gives us excellent access at the smaller, more compact building sites, which is enormous help for when these tanker trucks are servicing our portable toilets,” said Shaun Allen, partner, Challenger Site Services.

Challenger Site Services LLP is a family business established in Greater Manchester in 1994. Predominantly covering the north-west of England, it offers a fully functioning, high quality sanitation service to the building and construction industry, ranging from portable toilet hire to water delivery and waste tank emptying.

“The flexibility and versatility of the Isuzu Grafter chassis in the building and construction industry is second to none at 3.5 tonne GVW. At Challenger, this versatility comes into its own, as the Grafter chassis in their fleet feature a selection of different bespoke bodies to meet their demanding operational requirements,” said Stuart Beeton, head of sales, product & marketing, Isuzu Truck UK.