New Initiative on DPD Filters

The need for Diesel engines to operate in a cleaner, more efficient way has necessitated the introduction of DPD’s (diesel particulate filters) to help reduce harmful emissions.

Over time the filters become blocked, which results in potential expensive repairs. This is a problem faced by all manufacturers and is due to the high component cost of the DPD.

To counter this, Isuzu previously introduced a fully approved remanufactured unit, and whilst this has helped operators control their costs these units do not offer the same performance and longevity of a brand new unit. The remanufactured units also have a limited life span where they can be effectively refurbished.

We have been working with Isuzu Japan to reduce costs of the DPD units and are pleased to announce that for our most common filters we are now able to offer brand new units priced comparably with remanufactured units. We believe that this initiative provides the customer with a high quality repair option, which is cost effective, maximises vehicle performance and minimises downtime.

The new DPD will be supplied on a ‘new in lieu’ basis and as such the failed unit must be returned in the same packaging the new unit is received in.

To find out more about this new DPD filter initiative, please contact your local Isuzu parts dealer:

Features & Benefits of OE vs Reman & Cleaning

  • No Vehicle downtime while waiting for cleaning of customers DPD
  • Highly Reliable Resolution – Removes the uncertainty of the success of cleaning, or future longevity
  • High Quality Repair – Returns Engine Flowrates to original ‘As New State”
Brand New Filters