Isuzu’s proven reliability is a relief to A1 Loo Hire

Twelve years after taking their first ever Isuzu truck, A1 Loo Hire is adding a further five new Isuzus to its 100 strong vehicle fleet, with the addition of four Isuzu 7.5 tonne rigids and one Isuzu 13.5 tonne rigid. These vehicles are all working within the company’s support operation for their portable toilets and other associated products that are in use at outdoor events and on construction sites across the UK.

The company’s long association with Isuzu Truck UK goes back to 2009 when they acquired their first second-hand Isuzu, and this relationship has grown significantly since then.

Clive Owen from A1 Loo Hire explains, “All those years ago, our first Isuzu was soon followed by three more in 2011. Since then, we have found them to be so good and really reliable in use. As a result, we have not looked back since those early days and Isuzu is now our standard option of vehicles at 7.5 tonnes.”

Recently, two new Isuzu N75.190 (E) medium wheelbase flatbed trucks fitted with single vacuum tanks have joined the A1 Loo Hire fleet with a further two identical vehicles currently in build for delivery later this year.

These four rigid trucks are also being joined by the company’s first Isuzu 13.5 tonne rigid, which is fitted with a vacuum pump and two large freshwater tanks. This vehicle is being used to support welfare units on construction sites and therefore requires the higher GVW truck for the extra carrying capacity needed for the twin water tanks.

“With Isuzu, it’s the reliability that we feel puts them apart from other makes of truck. We purchased 10 new Isuzus 7.5 tonne rigids in 2014 and it is a testament to their reliability that they are still working daily in our fleet today giving us trouble-free performance. From the very beginning of working with Isuzu, we have also specified all our trucks with the EasyShift automated transmission, as this model works for us and is our ‘go to’ specification at this GVW,“ commented Clive.

The new Isuzu 7.5 tonne tankers are being deployed at A1 depots in Wales, Portsmouth, Wokingham, and Coventry, whilst the Isuzu F135.240 tanker is operating from the company’s depot in Oxford. All the new trucks have been supplied by local dealer Cordwallis at Heathrow, and feature specialist water tank bodywork built by Swansea Commercial Bodybuilders Ltd.

“From day 1 we have developed a really good long-term relationship with Cordwallis who, along with the other Isuzu Truck dealers nationwide, support us all over the UK wherever we place our trucks. It is this level of reliable dealer support which gives us the confidence and peace of mind that our Isuzu vehicles will be looked after wherever they are operating during their working life in our fleet,” added Clive.

A1 Loo Hire is part of the A1 Group and is a specialist division providing portable toilet and toilet blocks to customers in the event and construction industries across the UK.

“At the centre of the Isuzu ethos is our long-term approach to our customers. Working with A1 Loo Hire for over 12 years we have been able to supply and support them with a range of vehicles that are ideally suited to their product range, giving them the reliable service that they need to support their products in daily operation,” said Andy Williams, network business manager, Isuzu Truck UK.

Further information about Isuzu’s 7.5 tonne and 13.5 tonne truck ranges can be viewed on the company’s website on