Isuzu Launches New Grafter Green 3.5T Truck Range

Leading commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Truck UK has announced the arrival of its new range of 2018 Grafter 3.5 tonne rigids, under the umbrella name of ‘Grafter Green’.

With a choice of standard cab colours of either white or flint grey, the new 3.5 tonne Isuzu Grafter Green 4 x 2 chassis cab rigids are available in both single and twin rear wheel configurations, offering improved performance, significant weight savings and a better ride quality. Perhaps most importantly, there is no need for AdBlue on the new, Euro-6 compliant vehicles.

Both single rear wheel and twin rear wheel Grafter Greens have already been added to the successful Isuzu Truck Driveaway pre-bodied truck programme, with the ready availability of both tipper and dropside models providing industry leading payload carrying capacity.

Announcing details of the new range of Isuzu Grafter Green trucks, Pete Murphy, managing director of Isuzu Truck UK said, “Grafter Green introduces new proven technology to the UK market, with many changes to the specification that will certainly differentiate the range from its predecessors. As a global manufacturer, Isuzu Motors has listened to UK customer feedback over the years and the changes have now been incorporated throughout the new Grafter Green model range for the UK market.”

New Technology and outstanding performance

The Grafter Green uses a brand-new Isuzu RZ4E 1898cc four-cylinder Euro six diesel engine with Lean NOx Trap technology. Significantly, no AdBlue is required. Improved power and torque is 90kW @3200rpm and 320Nm @ 1600-2000rpm respectively. This advanced technology enables a reduction in CO2 emissions whilst the new engine is also far more fuel-efficient by the nature of its design and reduced displacement.

At the same time the Grafter Green features the new 6 speed MCV6W manual gearbox with easy gear selection. Driveability is much improved as the gear shift is lighter and more precise for all ratios. The clutch pedal application feel is also improved and lightened, making it a more car-like drive.

Noise reduction is a key feature of the new Grafter Green range with both stationary and driving sound levels being significantly lower than its predecessor. Moving sound levels of the N35.125 have now dropped to under 70dB from 74.5dB.

More concise steering and improvements in ride and handling result from the adoption of a new front suspension and steering system, whilst a spare wheel and carrier is standard on all models.

Despite the addition of new technology and various design changes within the cab covering both the interior trim and seating, one of the significant key features of the new Grafter Green range is the reduced weight of the chassis cab. The weight reductions, in both single and twin rear wheel configurations, further enhance the long-term reputation of Isuzu for outstanding payload capacity. Weighing in at just 1710kgs, the Grafter Green single rear wheel SWB chassis cab is 152 kgs lighter than its predecessor, while the twin rear wheel LWB Grafter Green is 150 kgs lighter than the older model.

“The new Isuzu Grafter Green is not only a Grafter by name. The changes and improvements will provide operators with a truck that is both hard-working and versatile and that can take any type of job in its stride. We believe that with our new Grafter Green, Isuzu Truck will continue to be the major supplier of forward control 3.5 tonners to the UK commercial vehicle market for many years to come,” commented Pete Murphy.

What customers think of the new Grafter Green?

The first Isuzu Grafter Green chassis cabs are already out on the road, and first impressions from customers all highlight the changes made to the 2018 Isuzu Grafter range.

Steve Collard from Associated Building Contractors says, “This is now our 4th Isuzu 3.5 tonne truck. As a working truck, it’s absolutely fantastic, and we love the new cab layout that gives first-class all-round visibility. Everything within the cab is easily reachable. For comfort and drivability, it is absolutely first class and I would liken it to driving a modern car, it’s that good.

Ian Lowe from Town and Country Roofing has just replaced their previous Isuzu Grafter after it had successfully covered over 280,000 miles and comments that, “The overall improvements I have noticed with the new Grafter Green are significant. In my opinion it’s a much better truck in every sense. The new Grafter has a much better suspension, which gives it a far smoother ride, and makes the overall feel when driving more comfortable than its predecessor. I am already finding it to be more economical in operation too, and the cab is more spacious as well. Without doubt, I am very pleased overall with my new Isuzu truck.

Other customer comments include Gary Steven, Director at ARCO Engineering Ltd, who has just taken delivery of their first Isuzu Grafter Green and says, “In comparison to the Isuzu it has replaced, I really do like the improvements that have been made. It’s far more comfortable by a long way, it has much less aggressive ride handling and we are already starting to see improved fuel consumption. It is a much better all-round truck. The new Grafter is a proper workhorse, in the Isuzu tradition, and it will play a big role in ensuring we continue to grow the business by delivering our products to our customers on time.

Finally, Matt Gildersleve, Transport Manager, Southgate Timber notes that “Our new Isuzu Grafter Green is certainly a much better vehicle than the previous 3.5 tonne Isuzus that we have had, in every way. We have found that the new gearbox is significantly better and the uprated suspension is a vast improvement. Overall, the new Grafter gives a much smoother ride when driving.

At a glance – What’s new with the Isuzu Grafter Green?

New high-performance engine:

  • The Isuzu Grafter green uses a brand-new Isuzu RZ4E 1898cc four-cylinder Euro six diesel engine, with Lean NOx Trap technology and significantly no AdBlue is required.
  • Improved power and torque of 90kW @3200rpm and 320Nm torque @ 1600-2000rpm respectively.
  • The new engine uses hydraulic zero lash valve gear, has a new rear timing chain drive arrangement, uses Bosch engine management systems, has a generator drive with an integral one way clutch and an automatic drive belt adjustment and tensioner.
  • The new engine is more fuel efficient by the nature of design and reduced displacement, with reduced CO2 emissions.
  • With the adoption of new engine technology, this vehicle is now capable of operating in the new London ultra-low emission zone.
  • Improvement in fuel consumption has been noticed by customers.
  • The engine oil change periods are 20,000kms (12,500 miles) with or without a PTO fitted.
  • To cope with the more stringent fuel delivery and tolerances a new fuel filter arrangement has been fitted to the engine.
Reduced noise levels:
  • The new models have a rear engine cover to reduce noise but also to protect and cover the engine components. There is an appreciable difference in both the tick over and driving noise levels of the previous N35.120 models with the new N35.125. Moving sound levels of the N35.125 have dropped to under 70dB from 74.5dB.
Improved driveability
  • New Isuzu 6 speed MCV6W manual gearbox improves gear selection.
  • The combination of a new engine and fully alloy cased gearbox has allowed changes to occur that hugely benefit the drivability of the vehicle. The gear shift is lighter and more precise for all ratios. The clutch pedal application feel is improved and lightened. (68Nm against 140Nm).
  • Both the new single and twin rear wheel models have an independent twin wishbone coil spring system utilising rack and pinion steering, enabling significant improvements in ride and handling, together with more concise steering.
Reduced weight figures:
  • The N35.120 2490mm (single rear wheel) weight with no driver, no tools and no spare wheel is 1862kgs.
  • The N35.125 2490mm (single rear wheel) weight with no driver, no tools and no spare wheel is 1710kgs.
  • The N35.120 3350mm (twin rear wheel) weight with no driver, no tools and no spare wheel is 2000kgs.
  • The N35.125 3350mm (twin rear wheel) weight with no driver, no tools and no spare wheel is 1850kgs.
  • In summary, the N35.125 single, SWB is 152 kgs lighter and the N35.125 twin, LWB is 150 kgs Lighter.
Enhanced design features

  • Choice of standard cab colours – white or flint grey.
  • New keyless entry coded key fobs.
  • The interior trim has been changed to a new material and the mechanical suspension seat and red seat belts are standard on all models.
  • Spare wheel and carrier is standard on all models of the new 3.5 tonne N35.125. All are 205/75/R16.
Other options include:
  • Air conditioning system can be supplied as fitted kit complete with electrics, switches, fully gassed with 3-year warranty.
  • Certified tow bars.
  • PTO Engine Speed Controller – increase operating speed up to 1200rpm when PTO engaged.
  • Reverse buzzer and speed related beacon switch off units.
  • Handbrake alarms, speed limiters and cruise control will be available within 3 months.
An image of an Isuzu Grafter Green