Isuzu Supplies Fallowfield With Car Hauler (13.5T)

The rapidly changing weight structure of new cars being bought in the UK during the most recent post COVID period, driven primarily by the increasing number of much heavier electric and hybrid cars now being sold, has led Fallowfield Vehicle Deliveries to specify a brand-new Isuzu 13.5 tonne twin deck car transporter within its seven-strong vehicle delivery fleet.

The latest addition to the Fallowfield fleet is an Isuzu F135.240 (E) rigid fitted with rear air suspension and supplied by local Isuzu dealer Warrington Vehicle Centre (WVC). As well as the chassis, WVC also arranged the Recovery World galvanised twin deck car transporter body specification and fitment, in conjunction with Fallowfield, who estimate that the Isuzu 13.5 tonne car transporter will be in their fleet for a minimum of eight years, covering approximately 60,000 miles per annum.

“In many cases, it makes more sense for us to deliver two cars at a time but our existing twin deck Isuzu transporter, at 7.5 tonne GVW, cannot handle the increased weight of the latest EV’s that are at least 20% heavier at up to 20 cwt each. Having successfully operated our 7.5 tonne Isuzu twin deck for almost 8 years now, with little or no performance issues, we decided to move up the weight range with Isuzu for our latest fleet acquisition,” said Steve Davies, director, Fallowfield Vehicle Deliveries, “We have always been conscious about the progressively increasing weight of new cars, especially the latest prestige electric and hybrid models, so it made sense for us to continue our journey with Isuzu.”

Steve continues, “With our delivery vehicles, it’s all about the payload, the reliability, the vehicle’s overall size and legal compliance. We know from our own experience that Isuzus are incredible workhorses. We had excellent service from Isuzu dealer WVC, who were extremely thorough, making the whole acquisition process a very smooth transition indeed. The Isuzu footprint is really compact even at 13.5 tonnes, which allows us to deliver to residential properties without any major issues, whilst the Euro VI specification enables us to meet all the criteria for the planned ULEZ’s across the UK.”

Fallowfield Vehicle Deliveries are a specialist transporter of new vehicles based in South Manchester, supplying new car deliveries to fleet companies as well as corporate customers. A specialist in this premium sector, Fallowfield Vehicle Deliveries not only deliver vehicles, but their award-winning service includes a full comprehensive handover and driver familiarisation programme on all deliveries. This is now an essential part of their service as a result of the cars being predominantly either electric or hybrid cars, that are not as familiar to customers as traditional diesel or petrol cars.

“Service and image are really important to us as a business as it reflects the quality of the cars being delivered by our team of drivers. Our latest Isuzu twin deck is striking in appearance and the galvanised Recovery World body is ideal for handling top quality premium vehicles,“ added Steve Davies.

“Having previously experienced the benefits of running Isuzu trucks in its fleet, it was pleasing that Fallowfield worked closely with WVC and ourselves to identify the right vehicle specification that gives them the solution to carrying two significantly heavier cars at a time on one truck,” said Pete Murphy, managing director, Isuzu Truck UK.