Isuzu Jiffy Banquet trucks and Mostro deliver the hottest, freshest, most authentic pizza for home delivery

Creating the perfect pizza to order, fresh and hot from the oven, directly outside residential homes is the brainchild of Mostro Pizza who are building up this innovative style of hot food home delivery based on the Isuzu Jiffy Banquet product. The first three of their 3.5 tonne specialist pizza takeaway trucks are now working for Mostro Pizza in the south-east of England as this new hot food delivery initiative gains momentum. Driving this concept forward is Mostro Pizza’s managing director Lee Putner who explains the thinking behind the initiative, “The concept of preparing and cooking customer’s pizza orders for them actually on their driveway came about as a result of the first lockdown 12 months ago as we looked for ways to expand our business activities under the restrictions placed by government. The initial prototype vehicle worked really well and as a result of the customer reaction we are now looking to expand through a nationwide franchise operation. The business will be based on the Isuzu Jiffy Banquet 3.5 tonne truck as it ideally meets the challenging operating requirements for such a home delivery business.”

After developing concept ideas for a prototype vehicle, Mostro Pizza then talked to specialist catering bodybuilder Jiffy Trucks who were tasked with replicating the concept based on their standard production 3.5 tonne Isuzu Jiffy Banquet models.

“We worked closely with the team at Jiffy and Isuzu to create a bespoke unit that we believe is the first takeaway vehicle that actually allows fresh food to be cooked on a driveway. Fitting everything into a compact 3.5 tonne truck was a challenge which collectively has successfully been met. We now have a truck which has a refrigerated storage area, a frozen section, a proving area and a gas-powered stone baked oven operating at very high temperatures that will cook three pizzas in 90 seconds,” said Lee Putner.

Lee adds, “The Mostro Pizza truck has been created for speed of service, it looks amazing and certainly has the wow factor when it pulls up at either at a customer’s home or a corporate venue or even as part of a wedding day.”

According to Mostro Pizza, the Isuzu Grafter 3.5 tonne chassis was the first choice for them, based on its proven reliability and also the availability of a commercial nationwide support network, which will be essential when the company rolls out its nationwide franchise programme later this summer.

Mostro Pizza also acknowledged that the compact footprint and small turning circle of the Isuzu Grafter makes it far more practical and much more manoeuvrable at customers houses.

“The Isuzu Jiffy Banquet sits comfortably, and is a welcome sight, outside any residential property. Not only that but our pizza team have commented how comfortable the ride quality of the Isuzu is and how easy it is to drive and manoeuvre when arriving at customer properties,” comments Lee Putner.

Mostro Pizza is part of event and party catering company Monster Foods based in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

“With the latest Isuzu Grafter trucks at Mostro Pizza, we see the proven flexibility of the Grafter within this innovative home delivery business. The range and diversity of applications for the Grafter is unlimited and we are really excited about playing a major role in the growth and development of the world’s first pizza takeaway service that cooks the food outside the customer’s premises,“ said Jon Corcoran, fleet sales manager, Isuzu Truck UK.

To see the Mostro Pizza truck in action, and to keep up to date on the launch of the Mostro Pizza national franchise roll out, follow Mostro Pizza on Facebook or Instagram, searching ‘Mostro Pizza UK’.