Isuzu is at the top of the tree with Elite

Long-standing operator of Isuzu trucks, Ipswich based Elite Tree Services has just introduced a brand new bespoke built Isuzu Grafter 3.5 tonne arb tipper truck into its vehicle fleet, which will enable two and three men teams to go on jobs completely self-contained with all the equipment needed to complete the job.

The Isuzu Grafter N35.125 features a specially designed arb tipper box body and is capable of towing either a chipper or a trailer with a stump grinder. The tipper box body has been designed to be completely enclosed so that no stray chippings or debris can escape from the body when the Elite operatives are engaged in roadside work.

Uniquely, the Isuzu also has three individual toolboxes. The tipper body itself houses a full-length toolbox down one side, within the body, that houses any long equipment, whilst externally there is a cab mounted toolbox, which holds all the various ropes and road signs. The third toolbox is mounted underneath the body and is where all the heavy chains are kept.

“With the demands of tree surgery, having the right kind of specialist equipment is important for the tree surgeons. This Isuzu Grafter really is a jack of all trades as it gives us complete self-sufficiency on so many of our jobs, irrespective of whether it’s a two- or three-man requirement. As this bespoke design is based on many years’ experience, we now have this incredibly practical truck, which we know will give us the reliability and flexibility that has long been associated with the Isuzu brand,” said Paul Thomas, director, Elite Tree Services.

Paul continues, “As most of our work is local to the Ipswich area, the vehicle will probably only cover somewhere in the region of 10,000 km per annum so it could be in our fleet for anywhere from 5 to 10 years.”

The Isuzu Grafter N35.125 arb truck was supplied to Elite Tree Services by their local Isuzu truck dealer, Norfolk Trucks who are also based in Ipswich and as Paul Thomas says, “We have a very good relationship with Norfolk Trucks. We agreed the build specification with them, and they then organise literally everything to do with the overall build, even including fitting the tow bar and flashing beacon lights. When the vehicle was delivered to us, we could literally drive it straight out of the yard to the first job, which is the perfect scenario when introducing a new vehicle within the fleet.”

Elite Tree Services has been based in Ipswich for 25 years and the family company specialises in domestic and commercial tree surgery throughout the Suffolk area.

“Since the launch of the Grafter Green in 2018, the arb truck sector has become a major success story for our 3.5 tonne truck range. Having said that, it’s also reassuring to be able to work closely with a long term Isuzu operator such as Elite Tree Services who have benefited from 2006 from the proven on-the-road performance that has long been associated with the Isuzu truck range,” said Tony Long, network business manager, Isuzu Truck UK.