Isuzu Grafter is jolly shipshape on Orkney

Orkney based shipbrokers and stevedores John Jolly has recently taken delivery of its first-ever Isuzu truck with a 3.5 tonne Isuzu Grafter joining the company’s transport fleet operating out of Kirkwall, providing a vital ship stores transfer service as part of their contract with Serco Northlink Ferries.

Fitted with a 14ft dropside body and a rear-mounted Hiab crane, the Isuzu Grafter provides ship to ship transfer services at Kirkwall harbour on Orkney, transferring ships stores from ferries arriving from Aberdeen to other ferries including those going onward to Caithness.

“When we were looking at replacing one of our existing trucks, we had had some really good comments and feedback about the Isuzu truck range from our local commercial vehicle garage who were then able to put together a very attractive deal for us to acquire our first-ever Isuzu,” said Steven Spence, director at family-run company John Jolly.

Local Kirkwall garage J&W Tait Ltd supplied the Isuzu, in partnership with Isuzu dealer Imperial Commercials in Govan, Glasgow, and will be handling the routine servicing of the Isuzu over its working life.

John Jolly anticipates that its inaugural Isuzu will have a working life of about 5 years on the island and it has already been well received by the John Jolly drivers who find it an easy vehicle to manoeuvre within the harbour and around the island’s roads.

With the Isuzu truck’s crane having a 4-metre reach, the vehicle can easily handle trans-shipments on and off the ferries, as well as general work with other vessels operating from the harbour. Typical ships stores handled by the Isuzu include a range of products from engine spares and oils through to foodstuffs and general supplies for vessels.

Originally established as a family company in 1902, John Jolly is now the leading Orkney shipbrokers, stevedores, shipping and forwarding agents.

“It is often commented that although Isuzu trucks were only first seen in the UK just 20 years ago, they are now a regular sight out on the road throughout the length and breadth of mainland UK. However the reach and popularity of the Isuzu marque goes much further as we also regularly supply trucks to many of the outlying islands. This is typified by this latest Isuzu truck working for John Jolly on the Orkneys, off the north of Scotland, as well as recent trucks supplied to customers in the Isle of Man, and Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands,” said Pete Murphy, managing director at Isuzu Truck UK.

Image of an Isuzu Grafter chrome badge