Isuzu Grafter Green carves out its reputation at historic York Minster

Maintaining the general stonework of such an iconic building as York Minster requires a regular supply of stone for the masons and carvers to create replacement ornate features for this landmark church building. This vital job falls into the hands of the first Isuzu Grafter Green to be run by York Minsters’ own stoneyard.

Recently delivered and now in service, the new Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5 tonne rigid is collecting stone from the Minster’s dedicated quarry in Tadcaster, as well as carrying building materials to and from other Minster properties throughout York.

“When we decided to replace our incumbent vehicle, the Isuzu Grafter stood out as its natural replacement as our stoneyard is short on space, with a very narrow entrance. The Isuzu’s compact footprint means that it is one of the few vehicles that could actually access the stoneyard but equally it is durable enough to carry the regular volume of stone that we need for the stonemasons,” said Alan Denton, Storeman/Buyer at York Minster Stoneyard.

Supplied by Leeds based Isuzu dealer Cartright Fleet Services, the Isuzu Grafter N35.125 features a tipper body and is expected to be working for the York Minster stoneyard for the next 10 years at least.

“We use multiple drivers for this vehicle and they have all found it to be extremely versatile and flexible out on the road and most importantly, we have already established that it is far more fuel-efficient than the previous vehicle doing the same regular journeys” commented Alan Denton.

The York Minster Stoneyard is part of the Chapter of York, and is responsible for the upkeep of York Minster and all other Minster owned properties. Based in the precinct of York, the stoneyard is home to skilled stone masons and carvers whose traditional masonry skills recreate the stone features of the historic Minster as part of its conservation and repair programme.

“The Isuzu Grafter is proven to be the ideal vehicle for so many different and varied businesses. As you walk around York Minster, enjoying the delights of the architecture of this landmark building, it is reassuring to know that the Isuzu Grafter is playing such an important role in its ongoing restoration and upkeep,” said Bob Docherty, Network Business Manager, Isuzu Truck UK.