Isuzu duo fuels Consols Oils delivery requirements

The Cornish road network poses many problems for routine oil tanker deliveries, however Redruth company Consols Oils has found the ideal vehicle for its rural deliveries, with the recent addition of two brand new Isuzu Truck Forward N75.150 (M) Urban 7.5 tonners with dual compartment fuel tankers that fully meet their strict requirements for a compact distribution vehicle with maximum payload opportunities.

“No one is in the same league as, or comes close to, the Isuzu 7.5 tonner in terms of compact footprint and payload. It’s a cracking vehicle that can handle all the difficulties faced when delivering fuels and lubricants to customers across Cornwall, whether they are in remote locations or in small villages with narrow access restrictions,” said Kevin Bennetts, managing director, Consols Oils Ltd.

“We have successfully operated Isuzu tankers in the past, however these latest additions are even better suited to us as they have been specified with carefully engineered Tasca dual compartment tank bodies that are even lighter. The combined 700 kg weight saving against previous models automatically gives us much greater operating efficiencies and more flexibility with our delivery schedules,” said Kevin.

Consols Oils operates a 12-strong commercial vehicle fleet, of which five are Isuzus, all of which are delivering the whole spectrum of fuels and lubricants to residential and commercial customers within a 45-mile radius of the company’s main site in Redruth, Cornwall.

Supplied by local Isuzu Truck dealer, T Harvey & Sons (also based in Redruth), these two latest Isuzu Truck Forward 7.5 tonne Urban tankers feature a 2900mm wheelbase, while the chassis has been upgraded to petroleum regulations.

Tasca 5,000 litre twin compartment aluminium tank bodies have been fitted to both Isuzus, with the bodies having a 3,000 litre capacity in the front compartment and 2,000 litre capacity in the rear. The tanker bodies both have high-speed Alpeco bottom loading equipment and feature an electrically operated 24v hose reel complete with 180ft delivery hose.

Both vehicles have the full ADR package as well as Safe Load Pass and electrically driven air compressors to provide an air supply to the PTO and foot valve operation. The tank bodies have a ‘failsafe’ interlock system which prevents the vehicle from being moved when loading or unloading.

“Isuzu have been in our delivery fleet for many years now. In fact, we still operate one of our original Isuzus that is over 17 years old and puts in a hard day’s work, each and every day. It has now covered over 400,000 km, not forgetting the equivalent pumping time. It easily handles the hard mileage and difficult terrain we have here in Cornwall,” commented Kevin Bennetts.

These two new Isuzu Urban vehicles are replacing two existing Isuzu tankers that have given the company nine years’ trouble-free service and Consols Oils anticipate that these new Isuzus will have at least a 10-year working life in the fleet.

“The combination of the compact Isuzu truck chassis, with the high spec Tasca tanker body, is a very well-engineered piece of kit and ideally suited to the difficult operating conditions within Cornwall. By working closely with the bodybuilder and the customer, these vehicles will certainly do the business for Consols Oils for many, many years to come,” said Pete Murphy, managing director, Isuzu Truck UK.

An image of an Isuzu Truck used by Consols Oils