Isuzu Continues To Be In Pole Position With Apex Scaffolding

Down in the south-west, Apex Scaffolding has built up a fleet of vehicles based predominantly on the Isuzu marque and its latest 11 tonne Isuzu F110.210 (E) scaffolding truck means that Isuzu now represents over 2/3’s of its total vehicle fleet.

Within the building and construction industry, Isuzu has built up a niche reputation as the ‘go to’ truck specification for the scaffolding companies, where its proven ruggedness and reliability, together with unrivalled payload, provides operators with the optimum truck for this arduous type of construction work.

“Scaffolding work is a tough call for any vehicle as each day the vehicles go out, or comeback, from site fully laden, so our commitment to the Isuzu truck is based on a proven long-term reputation within our fleet. Our 7.5 tonne scaffolding truck fleet is 100% Isuzu, however for the latest additional new truck we have gone up the gross vehicle weight to the 11-tonne model. This Isuzu is now working alongside multiple gangs of scaffolders, enabling a much larger quantity of raw materials to be delivered to site to support them,” said Glenn Haines, managing director, Apex Scaffolding.

Glenn continues, “The new 11 tonner has excellent visibility, which is incredibly important as our scaffolding vehicles are usually delivering or collecting materials on site within very tight confines, and the drivers have commented about how easy the vehicle is to drive, as well as how it is very manoeuvrable when on site.”

The latest Isuzu 11 tonne rigid features an aluminium dropside body and was supplied by local Isuzu Truck dealer Harry Moore Group. The vehicle will be covering approximately 20,000 miles per annum over its working life.

“Part of the success behind the relationship between ourselves and Isuzu has been the partnership we have with our local dealer Harry Moore Group. Not only are they literally 300 yards away from our main base in Exeter, but they have also provided us with an excellent reliable service from the very beginning. This is certainly one of the principal reasons behind our continued commitment to Isuzu,” added Glenn Haines.

Apex Scaffolding has been established for over 35 years and specialises in the supply, erection and dismantling of traditional tube and fittings scaffolding that provides access for construction workers and construction equipment. Based in Exeter, the company provides scaffolding services to major construction companies in the South West, covering large and small construction projects, including hospital, schools, and universities.

“Plenty of payload, impressive manoeuvrability in congested city centres and the ability to withstand the rigours of working on site are the prerequisites for a truck to survive in the scaffolding industry. Across our range of trucks, at all GVW, Isuzu has consistently proved to be the most popular choice for scaffolding companies when they are looking at replacing or adding new trucks to their fleets. With Apex Scaffolding, we have built up a successful long-term partnership over many years by providing trucks that meet all these demanding criteria, day in, day out,” said Richard Waterworth, head of sales, Isuzu Truck UK.

Further information about the full range of Isuzu 11 tonne rigids can be seen on Products – Isuzu Trucks