Isuzu and Jiffy serve up a ‘Banquet’ for customers

The latest new vehicle to come from the Jiffy Trucks stable is the brand new Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet, the first-ever Isuzu truck to be supplied by the iconic West Yorkshire-based manufacturer, as part of a new partnership between the companies.

As the U.K.’s largest and best-known supplier of ‘food to the workplace’ snack vehicles, Jiffy Trucks has now added the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet to its latest product portfolio, following the recent launch of the new Grafter Green N35.125 3.5 tonne tonne rigid range by Isuzu Truck UK.

“Following the shut down in production of the Nissan Cabstar, we were looking for a replacement 3.5 tonne model. The Isuzu Grafter Green launch was perfect timing for us, as it gives us a short wheelbase, single axle, reliable 3.5 tonne vehicle backed by excellent national, award-winning service support,” said Jiffy Trucks managing director, John Briggs.

John continues, “Historically, the 3.5 tonne truck is the most popular selling vehicle in our product range as it enables customers to have the opportunity for a much larger body for display. Initial customer reaction to the addition of the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet has been extremely good, and we estimate that we should be selling well over 40 of these trucks in the first year alone.”

The first three Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquets have been delivered to Merseyside company 2U Food, as part of a total order for six of these vehicles for its 31-strong North West fleet.

According to James Massey from 2U Food, “So far this year, we’ve taken delivery of the first batch of new Isuzu trucks into our fleet which, put simply, have been a fantastic addition to 2U Food. Not only do they look terrific, but most importantly they perform well too and are helping us outshine competitors in the mobile food marketplace. Notable improvements in the economy and reliability of the vehicles – two hugely critical factors to any business – have meant that in the first two months since we got the Isuzus, we’ve experienced no faults or breakdowns. The Isuzu Jiffy combination is a first-class vehicle and as a result, we’ve now ordered another three of these trucks for delivery later this year.”

The Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet is based on the Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5 tonne SWB 4 x 2 rigid chassis cab, which has a 1.9litre diesel engine producing 125 bhp. The Jiffy body has all the usual features, including heated areas, as well as chilled and ambient, all of which are designed for maximum retail impact, whilst keeping the produce as fresh as possible. On the storage side, there are areas for top-up stock, as well as delivery stacking trays, which allow customers to deliver buffets and cover event catering.

Typical customer applications for this 3.5 tonne Isuzu truck involves calling at between 35 and 40 businesses a day operating from 8.00am until 1.30pm, catering for both breakfast and lunchtimes.

“Customers’ requirements have changed considerably over the last 10 years and our customer profiles have changed with it. Today, in the main, they are made up of professional catering companies and high street brands, which demand high-quality workplace deliveries,” said John Briggs. “We believe that the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet is the perfect addition to our product range, providing us with a reliable base vehicle that can carry the required weight easily. It’s Euro VI, environmentally friendly and extremely fuel-efficient, with no need for AdBlue.”

John concludes, “We have found Isuzu Truck UK to be a manufacturer that is extremely commercially minded with first-class communications. We have developed an excellent working relationship with them in such a short time and they fully understand that our customers work five days a week, requiring fast turnaround for servicing and repairs. The experienced nationwide Isuzu Truck dealer network also gives us the highest level of aftermarket back up that we need for the long-term support of our customers.”

Details of the new Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet can be viewed at