In the Spotlight with Tim Hicks – Extended Warranty

Isuzu Truck UK (ITUK) officially launched its Extended Warranty programme here in the UK back in June 2020. Recently we took time out to talk to the driving force behind the programme, ITUK’s Head of Operations Tim Hicks, to see how the scheme is progressing.

ITUK: Hello Tim, earlier last year we launched a long-term warranty programme for the 3.5 tonne range. What was the thinking behind the introduction of this extended warranty?

TH: With the success of the Grafter range over the last few years, which has subsequently generated a much bigger vehicle parc, it became apparent that many customers did not generally generate high annual mileages whilst operating their vehicles. Whilst we offer a three-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard across all of our GVW ranges, we became aware of an increasing customer demand for even longer warranty periods, with a capped mileage.

ITUK: What are the extra choices on offer with ITUK’s Extended Warranty programme?

TH: The extended warranty programme applies to all new Grafter purchases only and covers every model in our 3.5 tonne range, namely the N35.125 and N35.150 models. At the point of purchase, customers can select either a four-year or five-year warranty period package, with the additional option of three mileage parameters of 12,500 miles, 18,750 miles or 25,000 miles per annum, up to a maximum of 125,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first. Included in the cost of the extended warranty package, is the added value benefit of free vehicle servicing throughout the whole warranty period. Our standard warranty terms apply throughout and for specific terms and Conditions visit our Extended Warranty page

ITUK: Does the customer pay for the Extended Warranty?

TH: Yes, indeed they do. The Extended Warranty on the 3.5 tonne range is purchased at same time as the vehicle, for a single upfront payment which covers the whole period.

ITUK: How successful has this new Extended Warranty programme been for ITUK?

TH: We have been really pleased with the take-up of the scheme since its launch in June 2020, with hundreds of Grafter vehicles, purchased by a mix of both national fleet and retail customers, now registered on it. Even more pleasing is the fact that those vehicles are from customers all over the UK.

ITUK: What are the additional benefits of the scheme in your eyes?

TH: I personally believe that this scheme gives customers a great opportunity to build a close and positive relationship with their local Isuzu Truck dealer and to have their new Grafter trucks maintained by a truly professional Aftersales network with fully trained and experienced technicians, providing full peace of mind. Whilst our Grafter customers range from very large companies to considerably smaller ones, they are all looking for the performance of their trucks to be uninterrupted whilst in service.

ITUK: How would you sum up the ITUK Extended Warranty programme?

TH: It’s as near as you can get to a full R&M package for a Grafter truck. The whole ethos of the programme, covering warranty and service, totally fits with our award-winning CARE approach to our customers, which has been part and parcel of the company from its inception 25-years ago. The programme is managed completely in-house at ITUK through our bespoke maintenance management system and is administered by exactly the same people who manage the standard warranty. Often, you do not get this total continuity of approach when you purchase a separate, non-manufacturer, stand-alone extended warranty!

Further information about the ITUK Extended Warranty scheme can be obtained by contacting your local Isuzu truck dealer or by visiting the website.

ITUK’s Head of Operations Tim Hicks