First Isuzu Grafter Green logs into 15th Century Scottish Estate

The all-Isuzu distribution fleet at historic 15th century Champfleurie Estate in Linlithgow, West Lothian, has recently seen the arrival of its first Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5 tonne rigid truck, which complements the previous three Isuzu Grafters already working at the Estate.

As a long-term user of the Isuzu Grafter truck range, Champfleurie Estates have quickly noticed the improvements and uprated specification of its first Isuzu Grafter Green as the Estates’ Ricky Kerr explains, “We acquired our first Isuzu Grafter way back in 2007, and it has given us exceptionally reliable service. In fact, today it is still working well in the fleet on a daily basis after 12 years’ unbroken service. However, over the years and the subsequent additional Grafters, we have seen the changes and improvements that Isuzu has made to the specification. The latest Grafter Green is such an impressive vehicle, setting new standards in terms of the smoothness of the ride, vehicle handling and driver comfort.”

Similar to the 17-plate Isuzu Grafter supplied two years ago, the new Isuzu Grafter Green 3.5 tonne rigid has been specified with a bespoke dropside body with a larger carrying capacity, which enables it to load two standard builders bags of firewood side by side, therefore allowing for a greater amount of firewood to be carried on the vehicle for customer deliveries. Once again, the new Grafter has a rear-mounted Penny Hydraulics 1,200 kg crane to facilitate the unloading of firewood at customers’ premises.

Within the four-strong fleet at Champfleurie Estate, the 17-plate and 68-plate Isuzus handle the long-distance customer deliveries, whereas the older two Grafters work mainly on local deliveries, close to the estate. The Isuzu Grafter Green is an ideal size of truck for the Champfleurie Estates delivery operation as it provides the essential facility to position the vehicle on a customer’s driveway for unloading by crane directly into a garage, providing excellent customer service.

“Everything we sell gets delivered by an Isuzu and the workload for the trucks has increased significantly. Not only has our product range expanded over the years to include other timber options such as garden furniture, but our seasoned cut logs, briquettes, heating pellets, kindling, firelighters and log stores are all now ‘Woodsure Approved’, and part of Woodsure’s ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative. This label on our products has increased the level of our sales as it enables consumers to easily identify firewood that has a moisture content of 20% or less,” said Ricky Kerr from Champfleurie Estates.

Champfleurie Estate is privately owned by the Kerr family who have lived in Champfleurie House since 1987. As part of a dedicated environmental programme originally launched in 2004, Champfleurie Estates now converts in excess of 3,500 tonnes of waste wood into a sustainable customer service.