Everything Parts II – Best Value Parts Range

At Isuzu Truck UK, the Parts Department plays a key role in the company’s award-winning Aftermarket offering. We recently sat down with Brian Thorpe, who heads up the ITUK Parts operation, to shed some light on how ITUK approaches the UK market in terms of effective Parts supply and distribution.

In the second of our 2-part series of blog articles, Brian explains about the introduction of the ‘Best Value Parts’ range from ITUK, before updating us on the latest ‘Parts Manager of the Year’ initiative.

ITUK: In our first interview, we briefly touched on the subject of ‘Best Value Parts’. Can you tell us about the thinking behind this parts programme?

BT: As you are probably aware, every new Isuzu truck comes with a three-year warranty as standard, and all our genuine Isuzu OE parts have a two-year warranty. Isuzu’s continued success here in the UK is due in part to the proven longevity of the trucks in service, so it’s very common for many of our vehicles to be in daily operation for an extremely long period of time. Obviously when a truck moves towards the end of its operational life, servicing and repair costs become even more of a consideration for operators. As such, our ‘Best Value Product’ parts range (BVP) was introduced to provide a second line range of service parts at a lower price point. However, unlike most aftermarket non-genuine parts, our BVP customers benefit from having access to a range of quality replacement parts that are genuinely fit for purpose, having been fully tested and approved by Isuzu Motors.


ITUK: What does the BVP range cover and how do you support them?

BT: The BVP range is a comprehensive selection of service-related parts such as oil and air filters, belts, bearings and electrics. Even wiper blades are included in the range. At ITUK, we never compromise on quality so all the products in the BVP range are sourced exclusively through Isuzu Motors and enjoy a full two-year Isuzu backed warranty, the same warranty as our genuine OE Isuzu parts.


ITUK: Where can I get these ‘Best Value Parts’?

BT:  Exclusively from an authorised ITUK truck dealer. Absolutely nowhere else!


ITUK: Do ITUK have a range of accessories available in the UK?

BT:  Yes, we do. We have a comprehensive range of accessories available which includes items relating to aerodynamics, in-cab entertainment, air-conditioning, towing and many, many, other areas of our vehicles. The full accessory parts range can be viewed on our website, simply by visiting www.isuzutruck.co.uk and navigating to the accessories section.


ITUK: Finally, does ITUK monitor its Dealer’s performance on parts?

BT:  We genuinely recognise that our Dealer Network play a truly critical and consultative role in the effective supply of parts to the many operators of Isuzu trucks. In recognition of the skills and talents displayed by our Dealer’s whilst performing this vital after sales service, we hold an annual Parts Manager of the Year Award. The performance of each dealer is measured throughout the year, and the award criteria focuses on areas including, but not limited to, Parts Purchasing, adherence to Stock/VOR KPI’s, Local Marketing Initiatives, National and Local Sales Campaign activity, Organic Growth and Training. Sadly we were unable to hold this award last year due to the dreadful pandemic, however, the winner of this year’s award has now been announced. Congratulations to the winner and runners up!


Further information about the ITUK Parts Operation can be obtained by contacting the Parts Dept at your local ITUK dealer or by visiting the ITUK website on:

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